What is available?  Ownership Time Share  

(% ownership purchases 'stay/time' at poolside garden apartment)

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Invest into the Tuscan Home Dream Rental 

% Ownership Time Share Initiative - Lots Available

Choice #1:      Lots for 50,000€    (decide on a yearly basis)       

  • 3 weeks a year poolside garden apartment suite (2 to 4 people).  

  • Sub-let  your  time share for an equivalent 2 weeks.    

  • Bring a larger group1 week full full property stay   (6 to10 people)

Choice #2:     Lots for  20,000€  for 1 week a year poolside garden apartment suite stay

Choice #3:   Let's talk about it - somewhere in between

After having read 'About Us' you can see that this project is part of a lifelong dream.   Julie is half owner of this property and is looking for potential buyers that would like to purchase and own a portion of a Tuscan property.  Your investment as a future shared property owner will go towards making the final purchase of the othe 50% of the property and to complete the remodelling of the apartment. The investment value will reflect % ownership value.  With co-ownership, the Poolside GArden Apartment with become a TimeShare.  


Where does the investment do?  Along with an additional financial input from Julie and other investors, your % contribution will make a dream come true for everyone.   Being part owner allows for a return on your investment.   The Poolside Garden Apartment Time Share devision will be based on the actual contribution/investment made.  When not in use the apartment can be rented out in order to have a monetary return.  Other environments on the property will be let/rented out in a B&B style (room rental/apt rental).


What's beautiful about this investment option?  

  • It's buying versus paying rent or paying for tourism.  

  • When you want to sell, you can and you get your money back on your original investment.

  • When not occupied by owners, the same property can be a source of rental income and therefore: for profit or pay for property maintenance fees.  

Please contact for more information

  • Via Chat with us!

  • Website Contant Us Message

  • Via phone: +39 334 319 7638

  • Via email: devotojulie@gmail.com

Why is this opportunity is here and now?

Long story short:  the owners want to take different future paths.  The property will be sold as a whole 'now'.  In order to make a dream come true, Julie is looking for co-investors in order to realize her dream, the actual co-owner's dream and any aspiring Tuscan home owner's dream by making a beautiful Tuscan property accessible NOW.  

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