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About Us

Il Casalino  is to become a % ownership property -


  • Julie is 50% Owner of this Tuscan Home

  • She is separated and to make the dream come true - needs to buy out the other 50% and complete 3 separate apartments.

  • The Separation Courts have ordered the house to be sold (but half is already Julie's so it's a question of completing the purchase).


Il Casalino  is to become a % ownership property with room rental capabilities (B&B style rentals).  Being able to share Il Casalino will be a dream come true.   The Podere Casalino property has been in the family for 25 years.  Finding the property;  discovering it's soul and beauty during landscaping and home remodelling; seeing the plants and flowers bloom each Spring and grapes and olives being harvested each Fall; just imagining being able to share this visual paradise and cultural experience with others, has become Julie's emotion / longing and heart-felt objective.    The balance between man, nature and history are so evident and overwhelmingly beautiful.  


Il Casalino is located in the heart of Tuscany, just South West of the medieval town of Siena, Italy: home to the Palio horserace, a rich wine culture, and some magnificent history and architecture  This home is to become your Percentage Ownership Time Share Property  that will be your occasional home away from home for the sole purpose of sharing the Tuscan Experience: breathtaking horizon, majestic Cyprus trees, and serene environment.    Owner Julie is an American who, through love, found her home in Tuscany.  

The Poolside Garden Apartment located on the ground floor of the main house will become your Time Share Tuscan Home.  Your investment will give you a % ownership of the Poolside Garden Apartment where, depending on your % investment, will give you a 1, 2  or 3 week-a-year stay in your Time Share Tuscan Home.  If at anytime, you cannot take advantage of your % investment and come and visit , you can sublet out your time.   When the Poolside Garden Apartment is not occupied at anytime during the year, Julie will take care of the property and let it out to so that all % owners can benefit. Earnings can go towards yearly maintenance fees.  


Julie's home and additional investors will be creating room rental capabilities throughout the other areas of the property (Julie's 1st floor apartment and the separate Annex building), allowing for a shared home experience: B&B Style room rentals.

*  TIME SHARE Style  - Il Casalino is looking for investors that would be interested in contributing and being part of a Tuscan property while enjoying yearly visits.  Garden/Patio level 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom home (ground floor, kitchen and livingroom) overlooking the swimming pool and Eastern horizon.   Objective:  Percentage Ownership Time share style Lots available - For information contact us.

*  B&B style room rentals -  There are several environments on the property and can be shared and put to good use.  The property is meant to be experienced, shared at any time of year.